Publishers: sell us your un-monetized users

Advertisers: achieve the highest return on your ad spend

How do you get more revenue?

How do you get more revenue?

We monetize your hard to reach users. 

With access to your ad-blocked and identity-blocked user ad inventory, we sell that inventory to quality advertisers. 

You receive a monthly check from us for access to said users. 

Hard to reach users are your ad blocked users, or those affected by cookie obstruction (identity-blocked users). 

3rd party cookies are a lifeline for any online industry. In the U.S. today, 65% of publishers’ users fail to have persistent cookies identifying them in the AdTech ecosystem. Those affected? Smaller scale publishers. 

Unfortunately, we don’t take all publishers onto our service. Our advertiser partners are sensitive to the quality and safety of the websites that we advertise on. Please fill out this form for qualification. 

  • Gain full visibility of content, ads and a bigger share of revenue
  • Enforce your publisher policies
  • Power contextual targeting
  • Enhance UX by ensuring compliance and performance
  • Zero touch. Everything works transparently.


Business benefits

Delivers ads to blocked audiences

Expands user reach, enables higher CPMs

Reveals previously unseen targets

Speeds web page loads

Tech benefits

Invisible and complementary to your ad ecosystem

Sees into 3rd parties collecting user data

Zero touch for publisher, readers and advertisers 

Easily adapts to existing CDN or on-premises content delivery

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