Qualification FAQ

No, currently we only monetize high quality, U.S. based websites. Please use this form to see your qualification status. 

The criteria changes based upon our advertisers’ needs. Typically we require:

  • At least 1M page views a month,
  • PG and Brand Safe content,
  • Non-Political and Non-religious in nature

The contract is typically 1 year long and each party has a 30-day guaranteed cancellation policy. 

Due to the high volume of high quality advertisers, our team spends a lot of time selling the advertising. If we aren’t able to deliver that inventory, we have to refund and pay other publishers to fulfill the buyer demand.

Toggle ContentDue to our inventory being pre-sold, if your website isn’t working, we can’t deliver ads to our partners. 

Monthly, on the first of the month: net-60 days, typically via ACH. 

As part of the on boarding process, you may select which ads you deem as “unsafe” for your site, depending on your audience. 

This is highly dependent per website, but the average is around 3-8 ad slots, depending on the site layout. 

We offer you 3 options when you engage with us:

  1. Best effort; we pay you a fixed price per “acceptable” page view
  2. You guarantee us a minimum number of Page Views per month (not recommended for all customers). This gives you the highest return rate but if you fail to meet this, we discount our payment by 40%. 
  3. We agree on a min / max range and rates are determined based upon a “not to exceed number” 

Onboarding Overview

Advertiser FAQ

Please visit our Advertiser page for more information. 


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