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Only Apomaya offers a complete application unification solution, making the invisible, visible

Third parties are everywhere. Your end users interact with them at all stages of the delivery and processing of your content–across public, private and cloud environments. While third parties can bring flexibility and efficiency to your business, this comes at a significant cost: the loss of visibility and control. Application Unification creates a framework for transparency and full command of all third parties that enables first-party publishers and enterprises to improve their business efficiencies.

Measure the impact of ad blockers 

Apomaya Reveal is a free tool that gives web publishers accurate insights into adblock usage among site visitors. The Reveal tool is easily enabled with a single line of HTML added to each webpage directly, with WordPress or via Google Tag Manager.

Get actionable insight 

The JavaScript that powers Apomaya Reveal effectively detects ad blocking extensions on the most popular web browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari. The script operates by creating a set of invisible page elements likely to be hidden by browser-based ad blocking tools.

Integration with Google Analytics 

View real time events or overall statistics with ease in your existing Google Analytics platform. 

Risk-free path to recovery 

Fully compatible with Apomaya AdGain – neutralize ad blockers and gain revenue of up to 50%!

Recover lost ad revenue 

Apomaya AdGain is an efficient, cloud-based application that empowers publishers by neutralizing ad blockers and restoring tracking—regardless of ad formats, browsers or ad blockers. Powered by Apomaya’s patent-pending Transaction Traversal technology, AdGain operates effectively on both network and cosmetic levels, while preserving data and page integrity.

Boost your audience 

Ad blocker adoption is growing fastest among young, educated and tech-savvy consumers. AdGain taps into this valuable, previously invisible audience sector. Monetize your full audience reach with AdGain.

Gain zero touch integration 

Easy to deploy. Easy to learn. Easy to use. AdGain accommodates a range of implementation options, including cloud, on-premises, CDN integration and others. And it works seamlessly with your third-party ecosystem: there are no changes required to anyone’s existing ad tech stack and workflow.

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Extensible, cloud-based platform 

The Apomaya Unity Hub is an extensible, cloud-based platform that delivers mission-critical solutions for the security, compliance and performance needs of today’s digital ecosystem. 

The Unity Hub empowers customers to act, track and control:


  • Expand your monetizable audience
  • More fully engage with end users.
  • Address challenges related to evolving standards and software updates, like Apple Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP)
  • Enforce compliance with regulations governing third parties, such as ads.txt, GDPR, etc.


  • Identify and view all third parties in real-time
  • Drill down into any transaction
  • Assess performance and user experience problems
  • Troubleshoot functional issues


  • Block any third party or any transaction
  • Prevent malicious infestation or hijacking
  • Change any content delivered to end users
  • Modify any information delivered to third parties

Granular control over each interaction 

Apomaya Transaction Traversal technology powers the Apomaya Unity Hub to transparently convert dynamic third-party interactions to first-party interactions in real time. The technology does this in a selective manner, instantaneously and automatically enforcing your specific business policies.

The converted content is specially marked, to continuously tie together the logical interdependencies between various elements and requests. The result? Each third party can now be traced to originating sources. The system also produces specialized logs, which can be mined for chaining transactions together.

Why Apomaya?

Your business model? Upended some time ago. Most web publishers have ceded control to third parties, who can use their visitor data, affect performance, redirect visitors or content … and much more.

Advertisers are losing effectiveness on your site, and funds earmarked for your content are now instead captured by a complex web of intermediaries.

Apomaya is here. We enable you to gain rightful compensation for providing a content platform for digital advertising. And for delivering your readers a safer, more trustworthy interactive experience.

Finally, at your disposal is a cloud-based handshake that creates a fair deal between third-party ad ecosystem members and content publishers.

Apomaya brings visibility to the ad tech ecosystem, creating leverage for you, as a publisher, to enforce data sharing policies.

Our cloud-based platform acts on your behalf. Our transparent, zero-touch AdGain solution converts your audience’s site and ad interactions from third-party to first-party, shining a light on all ecosystem movement. And making previously invisible ads, visible.

You can now ensure quality, privacy, viewability and a much better user experience for your audience, by basically eliminating third-party redirects. Apomaya also accelerates the delivery of third-party transactions, improving your end users’ experience, while maintaining IAB and Coalition compliance standards.

Gain control of third parties

Lift yourself from infrastructure to application layer